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Tastesetters has always been a community that strives for innovation and culinary solutions. We continue to foster a festival of creativity as we set trends in the industry alongside elevating food and beverage standards. Tastesetters is an initiative created by SYSU International, Inc. to enjoin food enthusiasts, F&B practitioners, entrepreneurs, and culinary experts in their shared love for food and beverage. It is a platform where foodies from all over the country can share and learn the latest in F&B innovations and trends.

We aim to redefine food culture through our advocacy of developing one’s passion for food. Our milestone includes innovation workshops done in Manila, Cebu, Palawan, Davao, Boracay, and Iloilo, partnering with F&B practitioners and foodservice partners to shape the next big trend in the industry. The community desires to push industry members even home cooks to further improve their craft thereby creating innovations. Set the trend with us now!

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