Instant Ramen and Food Deconstruction

Using trends to make your instant ramen recipes viral

Turn trends into a successful business. Chef Bruce explores the possibilities of taking viral hacks on social media and turning them into fast, easy, and exciting instant ramen packs for your customers to try at home. In this class, follow Chef Bruce as he prepares his “Tantanmen Ramen” recipe that breaks down the process step-by-step, from ingredient deconstruction to proper packaging.

Chef Bruce Lim


Celebrity Chef Bruce Lim trained at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in London and worked under world-renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay. He is also known as the host of Asian Food Channel’s show called “The Boss” and “Tablescapes.” Chef Bruce also took up the role as a celebrity chef judge on AFC’s first-ever originally produced television cooking competition, “E&O Search For AFC’s Next Celebrity Chef.” His current businesses includes Rustique Kitchen and the online-based Snappy!

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