I-Workshop Modules

Bottling fresh fruits through creating jams

Ever wondered how to preserve your fruits when they are out of season? In this class, you will learn the most...

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Pickling as another method of preserving vegetables

Controlling the amount of sugar and moisture is key when preserving produce through bottling, especially when...

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Creative ways to use preservation techniques

With innovation, you can create more recipes using the techniques you just learned. Using the fundamentals of...

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Exploring fusion ramen recipes

Bend the rules and innovate with classic Filipino flavors to fuse with your instant ramen creations. In this c...

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Using trends to make your instant ramen recipes viral

Turn trends into a successful business. Chef Bruce explores the possibilities of taking viral hacks on social...

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Innovative packaging to elevate your products

Use advanced technology to amp up your instant ramen business. In Chef Bruce’s “Asian Seafood Ramen” recipe, n...

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Experimental flavors: using ampalaya in ice cream

Bring a surprising healthy twist to your recipes by adding vegetables to your ice cream recipes! Follow Chef S...

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Exploring plant-based ice cream flavors

Create guilt-free yet delicious ice cream with plant-based and dairy free ingredients, making this favorite de...

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Using international flavors for your ice cream creations

Timing and procedure are key when creating ice cream. In this class, Chef Sonny teaches you important steps yo...

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Create unexpected vegan-based recipes

Chef Celina cooks her “Asian Fooled Pork Burger,” a recipe that is sure to surprise with a name to match! Disc...

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Make healthy burgers that taste just as good

Maintaining authentic taste is important while giving comfort foods such as burgers a healthy twist. Chef Celi...

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Innovating pizzas for the modern millennial

In this class, Chef Celina discusses the importance of creating new and healthy recipes for comfort foods espe...

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